GoldUSD 1,321.10
SilverUSD 15.76
PlatinumUSD 802.90
PalladiumUSD 1,407.00
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Finding solutions that are right for your situation is important and we understand that. Putting your metal back to work, our team can provide customizable, safe, and insured financing options for inventory or pledged collateral. Title holders can take advantage of our streamlined and simplistic offerings held in segregated accounts within our COMEX-approved Depository.

  • Designed to provide simple and quick access to its customers for commercial purposes
  • Customized lines of credit
  • Loan to value ratio of up to eighty percent (80%) at competitive interest rates
  • Fully insured and completely segregated – same exact pledged collateral returned upon maturity
  • Collateral financing, purchase financing, dealer/inventory financing option available
  • CNT Lending is a wholly owned subsidiary of CNT Inc. the nation’s largest privately-held precious metals company with over 40 year experience
  • Fully insured through industry leader Lloyds of London
  • Complete segregation allowing instant access to capitalize on any market condition

Please contact our team today for a guided overview of services and features provided. CNTL will protect all personal and financial information submitted and program complies with all applicable federal and state statutes, rules and regulations.